“Liquid Heart of Florida: Beneath the Algae” Docu-series

Chloe led a team of three journalists to create a nine part docu-series on Lake Okeechobee and blue-green algae, two of the most discussed topics as contributors to South Florida’s water problems. The series was also turned into an hour-long documentary that aired on WFTX Fox 4, the Sripps-owned station for the Southwest Florida market.

View the docu-series here.

“Tracking Kern County Pot”

At 23ABC in Bakersfield, one of Chloe’s beats was the marijuana industry during a time where the industry was changing — right before it was fully legalized for sale and use in 2017. She branded her stories under the “Tracking Kern County Pot” brand — completing over a dozen pieces following changing laws, illegal activity, and innovative pot businesses throughout Kern County. Read and watch the stories here.

E.W. Scripps In-Depth National Coverage of Toys-R-Us Closing

Chloe was part of a group of journalists across the nation who worked on in-depth coverage on the closing of Toys-R-Us. Her piece was published across all Scripps-owned websites and aired on many of the 33 local news stations the company owns. See the full piece here.

“The Kern River: An Inside Look”

Chloe and another reporter at 23ABC put together a week-long series on the Kern River in the summer of 2017. It was one of the busiest years for first responders along the river, one of the deadliest in history for drownings, and one of the most lucrative years for local river businesses. She documented all angles of the river in a four-part series — which ended with an interactive Facebook Live where the audience could engage with the pieces and the reporters involved.

[Watch Part 1] [Watch Part 3]

Honors College Thesis

“How the Digital Age Has Affected the Relationship Between Journalists and Their Confidential Sources: An Arizona Perspective”

Read here.

Covering CES 2016

As a reporter at AZ Tech Beat, Chloe had the chance to travel to Las Vegas in January 2016 to cover the international consumer electronics showcase with the rest of the team. Read their coverage of the largest consumer tech event in the world here.

Pope Francis Coverage 2016

Chloe and other student journalists were given the opportunity to cover Pope Francis’ visit to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico in 2016. Their day-of coverage was part of the show that won first place for weeknight newscast in the Broadcast Education Association’s 2016 awards and “Excellence in Video Newscast” in the 2017 Student Edward R. Murrow Awards.

The trip included multiple days of coverage both leading up to and following the Pope’s visit.

San Francisco Tech Reporting

In March 2015, Chloe and a dozen other students got the opportunity to report on technology in San Francisco. The group visited tech sites and news outlets including Google, Bloomberg San Francisco, and Wired. Chloe was the online producer for the project, creating the website and posting all the stories. Visit the site here. She also wrote two of the stories for the project:

“Founders Space Accelerated Program for Tech-preneurs Attracts Foreign Interest”

“Women Remain a Small Minority Within the Tech Industry, Even in the Bay Area”

Cronkite Europe June 2015 Blog

During Chloe’s three week study abroad trip to Milan, Berlin, and London, she wrote stories, shot live stand ups, and put together a final story on the topic of our choosing. Her final story was about the growing fintech scene in the three countries, which you can read here.

SABEW 2015 Student Newsroom

Chloe had the opportunity to attend the Society of Business Editors and Writers Conference in Chicago in Spring 2015. As a student at the conference, she was given the opportunity to write a recap on one of the talks. Click here to read her recap on the panel discussion on the future of business journalism.